Vitamin D Deficiency and the Sun Scare...Fact or Fiction? Sun scare...Fact or Fiction? Vitamin D deficiency. Free articles & new book are on sale now! New book show all the scientific research supporting the need for appropriate levels of vitamin D.
The Benefits Of Vitamin D

"Only On The Web": Katie Couric speaks to Dr. Jon LaPook about the benefits of vitamin D and the best ways to get it.
Dr. Oz on The Importance of Vitamin D

Dr. Oz discusses the importance of vitamin d and its sources with Diane Sawyer on ABC's Good Morning America.
Chemical Sunscreen vs. The Sun

Sunshine. No Chemicals.Just LIFE.for more information please visit:

The fear of getting a tan has gone too far.
Sun Resorts 2008 Tanning and Fitness

V100 Girls 2008 Sun Resorts Commercial
Cosmetic Dermatology - Concerned about safety or money?

http://www.sunscare.comWhy is cosmetic dermatology attacking indoor tanning? In their own trade journal they admit tanning's connection to skin cancer is unclear.And yet, dermatologists treat cosmetic skin conditions with their own UV tanning equipment. They charge up to $100 a session for what tanning salons provide for $5. So is cosmetic dermatology ...
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